Egon Schmitt Smagekasse

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Enjoy a part of our Pfalz trip with us. And understand why we like Egon Schmitt’s wines so much!

The box comes with a story, detailed wine notes, and free shipment

The box contains:

1 Blanc de Blancs, 100% Chardonnay, Champagne method

1 Riesling Kalkstein

1 Chardonnay from Quarz or Grauer Burgunder vom Loess

1 Riesling Spielberg or Riesling Ungsteiner Herrenberg

1 Spaetburgunder Leistaedter Kalkofen

1 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Egon Schmitt smagekasse eksklusiv er den idelle udgangspunkt for at lære producenten Egon Schmitt at kende. Kassen indeholder de følgende seks vine:

Blanc de Blanc Brut (traditional method, 100% Chardonnay)

Character: Indecisive, reckless, playful

This dry sparkling wine presents to me a perfect balance between Cava and Champagne. On the one hand, it provides lots of fruitiness with peach, nectarine, and honey notes. On the other hand, it a dry wine with high acidity, lemon, and extensive lees contact, giving it a clear idea of a Champagne wine. As such, the aromas also include toast, yeast, lemon, and green apple. The bubbles are fine, and the overall structure is delightful. An experimental German sparkling wine that will please many drinkers.

2020 Riesling ‘Kalkstein’

Character: Young, pleasing, encouraging

This Riesling is as classic as it gets in the Pfalz. Very straightforward in its characters it comes along in a bone dry way with lots of green apple, peach, lemon, and minerals. The acidity is high, yet very well integrated and its light body and alcohol levels in the lower medium-end make it a very enjoyable wine, that keeps every conversation going. A basic wine for every kitchen, a sure crowd-pleaser, and a perfect fit for seafood.

2020 Chardonnay ‘vom Quarz’

Character: Dynamic, youthful, optimistic

I had this Chardonnay with a leek-cream soup and was immediately amazed by this great. The wine is multi-faceted and impresses with its cristal clear acidity, and minerality, while at the same providing body and creaminess, as 10% were matured in oak barrels. In the nose, we have lots of green apples, peach, lemon, cream, wet stones, and a slight hint of rubber. On the palate, we first and foremost note the acidity and little Spritz that gives the wine an incredible refreshing character. the peach becomes clearer and is supported by cream, green apple, saline, and a bit of pepper. The wine has high acidity, a light body, medium alcohol, and it is dry.

2019 Ungsteiner Herrenberg Riesling

Character: Self-conscious, wise, experienced

This is one of the top Rieslings of Egon Schmitt. Significantly more complex and powerful than the Kalkstein Riesling, this wine has lots of aging potential. Furthermore, it is a food wine, pairing perfectly with acidic dishes such as Asian cuisine. We have significantly riper fruit with peach, apricot, grapefruit, and orange. The wine comes also with some creamy elements and a fuller body. Its minerality is high and clear, as well as its acidity. A beautiful example of what German Riesling can be at the top level.

2018 Leistadter Kalkofen Spaetburgunder

Character: Lovely, beautiful, joyful

This Sapetburgunder excites me because of its simplicity and clarity. There is nothing unexpected about it, and that makes it a beautiful wine to drink. Pinot Noir as clear and terroir-driven as it can be. In the nose, we have lots of cherries, strawberry, floral aromas (violet, rose), vanilla, milk chocolate, and cedarwood. On the palate, we get more of the cherry, vanilla, and chocolate. It has a light body, medium+ acidity, medium- tannins, medium alcohol, and it is dry. An absolute pleasure to drink by itself.

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

Character: Traditional, soothing, warming

This is a very classic Cabernet Sauvignon with an interesting touch of smoke. In the nose, we have aromas of black currant, boysenberry, green bell pepper, and chocolate. This makes the wine so classic. However, there are also nice floral notes (violet), a subtle amount of vanilla and coconut, and then this delightful touch of smoke, including tobacco and cedarwood. On the palate, the impression of cherry, dark chocolate, and black currant are intensified. The wine is bone dry, has medium acidity and tannins, a medium body, and high, very well-integrated alcohol.

About the winemaker

Egon Schmitt wines is a boutique winemaker in Germany’s second-largest wine region the Pfalz. They focus much on terroir and have a very experimental focus. Their wines are certified climate neutral. Today, it is son Jochen Schmitt and his wife who stand for the daily drift of the estate. You can learn more about the estate on their website.


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Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sapetburgunder




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