Natural Wine Tasting box, build it yourself

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Build Your Own Natural Wine Tasting Box With Michaela’s Down to Earth Wines and Get 33% off.

These high quality natural wines were among other places served at restaurant ARK (1 Michelin stjerne), Bar Poldo, og restaurant Vandvid.

All of Michaela’s natural wines are fairly clean and understandable in style. You should not expect anything “too funky”, otherwise I indicated that. Most customers are extremely surprised how clean natural wines can taste. 

Michaela is a very gifted female winemaker from Carnuntum, the smallest wine region of Austria. She runs a 7-hectares family estate where she focuses on excellent terroir expressions. Beautiful wines, cleanly made, complex and delightful, living up to the highest standards of natural wine lovers. 

Chose between the following wines:

Pet Nat Rose: Unfiltered natural sparkling wine, based on Blaufraenkisch, made using the Metode Ancestral. Fruity, creamy, yeasty, simply beautiful.

DTE Concrete: Unfiltered white wine based on Welschriesling, matured in concrete eggs. Mineral, salty, nutty.

DTE From Earth to Down: unfiltered orange wine based on Welschriesling and Neuburger, short maceration, great minerality, salty, yet fruity and.

DTE Light: unfiltered orange wine based on Welschriesling and Neuburger, 12 days maceration. Tannic, orange zest, refreshing acidity.

DTE Neuburger: unfiltered orange wine based on Neuburger, 14 days maceration, matured in used red wines barrels, oxidized. Black tea, rust, yeast.

DTE Rose: unfiltered rose wine, based on Blaufraenkisch, 5 days maceration, matured in oak barrels. Fruity, creamy, smoky.

DTE Ganz und Gar Nicht: Unfiltered red wine based on Blaufraenkisch, semi-carbonic macertion. Cherry explosion, a feeling of light sparkling, juicy.

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Blauer Zweigelt, Chardonnay, Neuburger


Your are unique. So should your wine be. Finding your own signature wine often ends in the rabbit burrow.

By bringing in our love for wine and a hint of decision theory,  we find the next sip of your life.

Wine means taste, no trouble – let´s take care you enjoy it.