Wines of the US & Canada (09/04)

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The Northern American wine landscape is one of the most exciting topics to dive into. 

Join me for this exciting evening. 

“I attended a wine tasting event, hosted by Jan from Uncorkmywine and wine producer Jochen Schmitt. It was sensational and beyond my expectations. We tasted 8 different wines and I liked every of them. :)” (Sherry on Trustpilot)

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My wine tastings are quite informal, yet educational and always big fun. I am an educated sommelier, wine importer, and wine lover, and I will guide you through this tasteful and lovely evening in a group of 14 people. The evening includes a light tapas-styled dinner, so you do not have to taste on an empty stomach.

Wines of the US & Canada – Wine Tasting

🍷 Min. 8 quality US & Canadian wines.

👩‍🍳 Light tapas-styled dinner (family style).

📚 Wine education, inspiration, and fun.


📅 Date: Tuesday, 09th April 2024

🕔 Time: 6pm – 8.30pm

🏨 Venue: Uncorkmywine, Etta Camerons Vej 17, 2450 Copenhagen SV

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The Wines of the US

🍷 The Wine School is our concept to enable you to better navigate in the world of wine. This evening focuses on education about a specific topic, in a non-snobbish and down-to-earth way, enabling you to better understand the world of wine and winemaking. 🍇

We will meet at Uncorkmywine (2450 Copenhagen SV) at 6 pm. The wine school lasts bout 2.5 hours and there will be some tapas-styled dinner during the session.

If you have any question, just contact us under +45 42 83 53 84. Looking forward to seeing you!



📅 Date: Tuesday, 09th April 2024

🕔 Time: 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm

🏨 Venue: Uncorkmywine, Etta Camerons Vej 17, 2450 Copenhagen SV


🍇 The Wines of the US

🍷 Wines: We will taste 8 different wines during the evening, exemplifying the topic of the night.

👩‍🍳 Food: During the tasting, you will get a light tapas-styled dinner to avoid sitting there on an empty stomach.

📚 Wine Knowledge: You receive detailed written material, as well as professional tasting sheets to take home. Notes and material are also shared digitally afterwards.

About Uncorkmywine

Jan Eggers is the owner of Uncorkmywine and responsible for facilitating this evening. He will guide you through the wines and the menu and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Jan is an educated sommelier, a passionate chef, a great educator, and widely recognised for his love of hosting people.


Your are unique. So should your wine be. Finding your own signature wine often ends in the rabbit burrow.

By bringing in our love for wine and a hint of decision theory,  we find the next sip of your life.

Wine means taste, no trouble – let´s take care you enjoy it.