Egon Schmitt Sommerkasse

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Are you ready for the balcony? With this summer vibes wine box there are no excuses anymore. The box contains six bottles of refreshing German wines by Pfalz winemaker Egon Schmitt. This family estate focuses not only on sustainability and CO2 neutrality but also on bringing the best grape expressions out in their wines.

The Riesling liter should be your standard bottle in the fridge when friends are coming over on a warm day. Absolutely refreshing and easy to drink, this wine will not meet much criticisms.

The Spaetburgunder Rosé is as innocent as a Rosé should be. With lots of strawberry, raspberry, and pepper, it is not only a great glass by itself, but also will make seafood taste even better.

Finally, the Sauvignac is the odd one out in the box. This grape is a cross of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling and as such it comes with great acidity, freshness, apples, gooseberry, and typical vegetal notes. Amazing.



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Egon Schmitt Sommerkasse indeholder en ejlig udvalg af sommervine vine af producenten Egon Schmitt. Kassen indeholder de følgende seks flasker:

2 bottles Riesling 1 liter

Character: Agreeable, funny, engaging

Riesling is the most important grape variety in Germany. The Riesling wines coming from here are fresh, delightful, and with a very characteristic Spritz. Riesling is a terroir-grape that gets many of its characteristics from the concrete location it is planted in. Schmitt’s entry-level Riesling is a prime example of the quality of German winemaking and the terroir-idea. Refreshing, and very well-balanced, it will be difficult to find guests who have anything really critical to say about it. It is a true crowd-pleaser with delicate aromas of peach, lemon, and fresh apples. Enjoy it best with some Flammkuchen.

2 bottles Spätburgunder Rosé

Character: Tempting, innocent, seductive

Well, this is one of the nicest Rosé wines I tried in a long time. Based on Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), we have the full complexity and delicacy of great red wine, while keeping the freshness and sweetness of Rosé wine. This wine you will drink on a warm summer afternoon, and you will not even notice that it is gone. Its aromas include lots of strawberry and raspberry, floral notes, as well as a hint of delicate licorice. A beautiful combination that will make sure that you do not limit yourself to one bottle once you got started J.

2 bottles Sauvignac

Character: Crazy, extrovert, excting

Oh, how much it is to discover grape varieties that no one knows! The Schmitt estate is an expert in finding and cultivating this type of variety. Sauvignac is genetically a cross (human-made) of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. As such it gets the best of both worlds, with high acidity, and a delightful aroma profile including apples, pear, gooseberry, lemon, grass, kiwi, and a hint of asparagus. Surprise your guests with something they probably have never tried before!

The story behind

I discovered the Egon Schmitt wine estate when traveling the Pfalz in summer 2020. During dining in a local restaurant in Bad Durkheim (the Kaesbuero, highly recommended!), I had the pleasure of tasting Mr. Schmitt’s Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. I immediately loved the wines’ clear profile, precise expression of their terroir, and their abilities as food pairing wines.

the next day, I went to the estate and had a tasting with Mr. Schmitt senior who is 80 years old by now. During a pleasant visit, I had the chance to taste most of his wines and hear lots of anecdotes and stories. When he told me that he turns 80 years the coming Monday, I barely believed him, as he looked rather like 70. His answer? “A life out in fresh air, and every day a glass of wine, or sometimes two.”

So, for me, it was out of the question that I had to import these wines 🙂

Additional information



Grape variety

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sapetburgunder



Wine style

Red wine, Sparkling wine, White wine


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