Egon Schmitt Smagekasse Essentiell

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I discovered the Egon Schmitt wine estate when traveling the Pfalz in summer 2020. During dining in a local restaurant in Bad Durkheim (the Kaesbuero, highly recommended!) I had the pleasure of tasting Mr. Schmitt’s Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. I was immediately hooked by the wines’ clear profile, precise expression of their terroir, and their abilities as food pairing wines.

the next day, I went to the estate and had a tasting with Mr. Schmitt senior who is 80 years old by now. During a pleasant visit, I had the chance to taste most of his wines and hear lots of anecdotes and stories. When he told me that he is turning 80 years the coming Monday, I barely believed him, as he looked rather like 70. His answer? “A life out in fresh air, and every day a glass of wine, or sometimes two.”

So, it is a special pleasure for me to import these wines to Denmark. The tasting box will give you a very good idea of the high quality of this winemaker, as well as his versatility. The box costs 650 DKK (6 bottles) and comes with free shipment in Denmark. You find the detailed wine descriptions below.

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Egon Schmitt smagekasse essentiell er den idelle udgangspunkt for at lære producenten Egon Schmitt at kende. Kassen indeholder de følgende seks vine:

Riesling 1 liter trocken

Character: Agreeable, funny, engaging

Riesling is the most important grape variety in Germany. The Riesling wines coming from here are fresh, delightful, and with a very characteristic Spritz. Riesling is a terroir-grape that gets many of its characteristics from the concrete location it is planted in. Schmitt’s entry-level Riesling is a prime example of the quality of German winemaking and the terroir-idea. Refreshing, and very well-balanced, it will be difficult to find guests who have anything really critical to say about it. It is a true crowd-pleaser with delicate aromas of peach, lemon, and fresh apples. Enjoy it best with some Flammkuchen.


Character: Crazy, extrovert, exciting

Oh, how much it is to discover grape varieties that no one knows! The Schmitt estate is an expert in finding and cultivating this type of variety. Sauvignac is genetically a cross (human-made) of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. As such it gets the best of both worlds, with high acidity, and a delightful aroma profile including apples, pear, gooseberry, lemon, grass, kiwi, and a hint of asparagus. Surprise your guests with something they probably have never tried before!

2020 Riesling ‘Kalkstein’

Character: Young, pleasing, encouraging

This Riesling is as classic as it gets in the Pfalz. Very straightforward in its characters it comes along in a bone dry way with lots of green apple, peach, lemon, and minerals. The acidity is high, yet very well integrated and its light body and alcohol levels in the lower medium-end make it a very enjoyable wine, that keeps every conversation going. A basic wine for every kitchen, a sure crowd-pleaser, and a perfect fit for seafood.

2020 Chardonnay ‘vom Quarz’

Character: Dynamic, youthful, optimistic

I had this Chardonnay with a leek-cream soup and was immediately amazed by this great. The wine is multi-faceted and impresses with its cristal clear acidity, and minerality, while at the same providing body and creaminess, as 10% were matured in oak barrels. In the nose, we have lots of green apples, peach, lemon, cream, wet stones, and a slight hint of rubber. On the palate, we first and foremost note the acidity and little Spritz that gives the wine an incredible refreshing character. the peach becomes clearer and is supported by cream, green apple, saline, and a bit of pepper. The wine has high acidity, a light body, medium alcohol, and it is dry.

Grauer Burgunder ‘vom Loess’ 2020

Character: Soft, dreamy, introvert

I am usually not a big fan of Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris/Grauburgunder. For me, this wine often lacks some complexity and depth that make it interesting to drink. And then I had this one by Egon Schmitt. It changed my perception of this grape completely. Suddenly, I taste wine with delightful acidity and structure, and an aroma complexity that simply is fun. This is especially a result of the excessive use of oak, adding typical aromas like cream, vanilla, cinnamon, and nuts to a base of apples, pineapple, and lemon. Egon Schmitt Grauer Burgunder is a wine that definitely will excite you, and also offers great potential as a food wine.

Spaetburgunder ‘vom Quarz’ 2020

Character: Delicate, charming, loving

What a nice, classic, and easy-to-drink Spätburgunder! Schmitt is really doing an amazing job here with his entry-level red wine that over-delivers for the price. Growing on a vineyard that is characterized by quartz, we have a wine with outstanding acidity. Many months of maturation in barrique also gives this wine a very elegant tannin structure and aroma complexity. Its aromas include strawberry, raspberry, violet, chocolate, coconut, and cedarwood. Egon Schmitt Spaetburgunder vom Quarz is delightful by itself or with hearty meat dishes.

About the winemaker

Egon Schmitt wines is a boutique winemaker in Germany’s second-largest wine region the Pfalz. They focus much on terroir and have a very experimental focus. Their wines are certified climate neutral. Today, it is son Jochen Schmitt and his wife who stand for the daily drift of the estate. You can learn more about the estate on their website.


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Grape variety

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sapetburgunder



Wine style

Red wine, Sparkling wine, White wine


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