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Very happy to have received a small part of this shipment. We have already tried the Sauvignac and the excitement is high. Very good to the price. (Thomas on LinkedIn)

Egon Schmitt vin fra Pfalz i Tyskland
Egon Schmitt er en familierevet vingård siden 1974
Egon Schmitt har økologiske tyske vine til gode priser

A hidden gem in Copenhagen!

Out of the three wine tastings attended so far, Jan has always been impeccable with the careful selection of wine, pairing of food and explanation! Also really good value for what is included. 200% recommended! Thank you :) (Valentina on Google)


Your are unique. So should your wine be. Finding your own signature wine often ends in the rabbit burrow.

By bringing in our love for wine and a hint of decision theory,  we find the next sip of your life.

Wine means taste, no trouble – let´s take care you enjoy it.